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Dusty Marlow is one of the main cast members of the show. He is a morbidly obese, delightfully dim-witted manchild, who works as an officer at Paradise Police Department and lives alone in an apartment, accompanied by nobody but his many cats. He is voiced by Dana Snyder.



Dusty was born sometime after 1972 to an unnamed mother and father. Dusty came from a family, where obesity ran in their genes, so with that, he was born with manboobs.

When Dusty was six days old, he split his diaper and his grandmother laughed at him. Dusty was embarrassed by this and held a grudge against his grandmother for the rest of his life, despite how nice she was.

Little is known about Dusty's childhood, aside from the fact that his mother was pretty abusive. However, Dusty doesn't seem to care about the way his mom treated him. In "Black & Blue", Dusty said that as a child, his mom used to dress him as a woman and throw bricks at him. In "Christmas in Paradise", Dusty said that his mom gave him condoms as Christmas presents every year. In "Paradise P.D. Meets Brickleberry", Dusty said that his mom told him that if he had sex before he got married, Jesus would kill his grandmother.

NAVY and PD Employment

Dusty in His Youth.png

When Dusty became an adult, he worked out, trained for battle, and dropped all his extra weight to become a really buff, extremely jacked bodybuiler, who had excellent fighting skills. He joined the NAVY as a SEAL and was at the top of his class. After he left the NAVY, he joined Paradise Police Department and his employer, Randall Crawford, could not have been more proud to have such a competent worker join the force.

Fall to Obesity

Gina and Dusty First Meet.png

Shortly after joining the force, Gina Jabowski had felt a sexual tick and thought that she'd be really attracted to him if he was fatter. Gina offered him a donut but Dusty turned it down, knowing that sugar would just make him fat. Gina threatened him at gunpoint to take a donut and Dusty thought he'd just take one, which immediately got him addicted. This led him down a dark path in life, where he became extremely big and fat and stupid. Every day since then, Gina brought in donuts every morning for Dusty to gobble up and make himself fatter with, all for her own sexual pleasure.

Despite Dusty's fall to fatness but an unexplained relapse to a childlike level of intelligence, Dusty still maintaned his job as a gun-carrying police officer at Paradise Police Department.

At some point in Dusty's life, Dusty's diabetes gave him a life-threatening renal failure and he was in desperate need of a kidney transplant. Thankfully for him, his grandmother donated her kidney to him and saved his life. This, however, did not get Dusty to stop hating her for laughing at him that one time, when he was a baby.

Current Life

Dusty in His Apartment.png

Dusty currently lives by himself in an apartment building, with his many cats. In "Task Force", it was shown that Dusty is wealthy but he spends more money on luxuries for his cats than he does on basic needs for himself. Of all his cats, Dusty's favorite is Mr. Meowgi, who he bought braces for and paid to send to kindergarten, among other frivolous purchases.

Dusty's Insulin Pump.png

Working at Paradise Police Department, Dusty is one of the least respected officers of the unit. He is consistently sexually harassed by Gina, who ignores his restraining orders and every legal document that prevents her from doing anything sexual to him. Dusty's boss, Randall never does anything to stop her as she is the department’s best officer by far. In addition, Randall doesn't hold very much respect toward Dusty on account of his incompetence, stupidity, and immature demeanor. Other than being a human shield as his thick layers of fat makes him a living ballistic gel and occasional cook, Dusty really serves no further productive purpose to the group.

Arrest & Pardon

Dusty Stabbing Santa to Death.png

In "Christmas in Paradise", Dusty is lured into an Abandoned Christmas Tree Factory, where he finds Santa Claus, who is unfortunately revealed to be a major distributor in the argyle meth corporation. Dusty was horrified to watch his idol fall from his pedestal the way he did. Santa was unapologetic and strangled Dusty with a Chuggy Chuggy Choo Choo Train. At this point, Dusty's childlike sense of wonder was immediately destroyed and he went from his delightful angelic self, down to a caustic, wrathful brute. Dusty shanked Santa Claus to death with a candy cane, causing the latter to vanish into magic dust and float away.

Dusty Gets Arrested by the FBI.png

Randall and Kevin arrived to see Dusty standing all alone in the very area, where the argyle meth kingpin said he would be. Next to Dusty was Santa's bag of argyle meth. This gave Dusty a bad picture as it made him look like he was the kingpin. Since all evidence pointed to him, Dusty was wrongfully arrested, being blamed for leading the entire argyle meth corporation. Upon arrest, Dusty was taken in by the FBI and sentenced to 100 years solitary confinement and mistaken for a woman, as his fat rolls hid his penis and made him appear as such. Because of this, he was sent to the Paradise Women's Prison, where he was cellmates with Mrs. Two-Toes. Also mistaking him for the kingpin, Mrs. Two-Toes believed that Dusty was the man who killed her son, Terry Two-Toes and told him that she'd be making the next 100 years of his life a living Hell. Dusty was perfectly happy with this.

DUsty Gets Beaten Black and Blue.png

In "Paradise Found", Dusty was shown to still be perfectly happy in prison. Gina would visit him every day and try to bust him out to no avail. Dusty assured her that she didn't need to get busted out because he loved it where he was. It was shown that Dusty was repeatedly shanked by Mrs. Two-Toes during his time in prison. Other forms of abuse he endured were being beaten up by Glenda and having Donna Cooper insert mops into his anus. No matter how horrible Dusty's life got in there, Dusty was extremely happy with his life.

Dusty eventually got in so much trouble that Karen organized a public execution to be double-booked with her upcoming wedding. Dusty was to stupid to understand what was about to happen to him and also too fat to sit in a real electric chair, meaning his execution was set to be in an Electric Couch. One night, Dusty was sleeping on the top bunk, while Mrs. Two-Toes was sitting on the bottom bunk, whittling a shank to kill Dusty once and for all. Just then, Dusty's weight broke the bed and caused him to land on Mrs. Two-Toes and crush her to death. Immediately after she died, she was replaced by Stanley Hopson, who was going in disguise as a woman named "Hopsaletta" to help bust him out. Hopsaletta failed to make any progress in busting Dusty out of prison.

Pray to Dusty.png

Kevin and Gina were able to bust him out of jail just as he was about to be executed, when they showed security footage that proved that Dusty was not present in the holding cell where Terry Two-Toes was that day, clearing his name. This allowed Dusty to get set free from prison but it made Kevin a social pariah because now he had exposed himself as a dumbass, who screwed up and arrested an innocent man. A legacy which carried on into the next episode, "Big Ball Energy", where everybody (including Dusty) hated Kevin.

Weight Loss Workout

Dusty Plays With ISIS.png

In "PARAD-ISIS", Dusty had a panic attack, when he noticed there were no donuts in the break room, despite Gina having persistently brought in a fresh batch every day for years. A recently redeemed Gina came up to Dusty and not only apologized for her sexual harassment in the past and admitted her selfish reasons for feeding him donuts, but also encouraged him to seize this opportunity to leave his current state and start a weight loss workout, to lead him on a path to recapturing his past self, when he was a muscular, active, well-trained Naval SEAL. Dusty was shocked to hear Gina, of all people, make this suggestion but knew that she was right and got started right away on getting his life back together again.

Dusty's first idea to lose weight was to join a gym and found an internet message board for ISIS, which he mistook for a gym called "Is Is". Before long, he was recruited to become a member of ISIS and nearly got himself blown up with a suicide vest ... twice.


Dusty is an adult Caucasian old man(somewhere in his mid-40s) with morbid obesity. He has short brown hair and fluffy black eyebrows. He wears a light blue police uniform with dark blue pants.

His obesity gives him a long list of problems such as Type 2 diabetes, is too big to fit inside a police car (and if he were to get inside one, he'll get stuck), has uncontrollable flatulence and sweats a lot. The only upside to his obesity is that his body fat protects him from several dangers such as gunfire, cuts, beatings, falling from heights, etc. To Randall, Dusty isn't so much a warrior on the battlefield as he is a shield.


Dusty is a stereotypical fat guy who eats tons of food and serves as the victim to countless jokes about his size, weight, and diet. Dusty's overeating has led to him becoming morbidly obese, which has also given him type two diabetes as well as many other medical symptoms, such as constant heart attacks and kidney failure, symptoms which have threatened his life yet he still continues to stuff his face with junk food and be a lazy slob. Dusty does not love his body, as he makes no effort to lose weight or keep himself healthy and alive.

Dusty can be accurately described as delightfully retarded. He behaves like a manchild who still believes in Santa Claus and refers to his mother as "Mama" or "Mommy". It is clear that Dusty is a child at heart but he's also a child at mind, causing him to act very immaturely, stupidly, and unprofessionally. Dusty has been shown to throw temper tantrums when he doesn't get his way such as in "Who Ate Wally's Waffles?", when he wrecked his entire apartment over the cancellation of a Disney Channel sitcom. His childish behavior also makes him too cowardly and incompetent to handle menial tasks, which gets in the way of his job as a police officer. In "Meet the Jabowskis", Dusty was too afraid to do his ordered job of patrolling the city, as proven by him screaming in terror upon seeing his own shadow, which he mistook for a big black ghost.

He is a huge cat person, with an apartment filled with dozens of cats, of whom, as seen in "Task Force", he cares for way more than himself. While Dusty was in prison, he had Bullet take care of his cats. Being the kind of guy he was, Bullet completely forgot about this and didn't tend to his pets as little as once, leading to all of them getting eaten by Mr. Meowgi, who later died, himself, as seen in "Big Ball Energy". Due to the holiday at the time of this episode, "Kevin Sucks Day", Dusty forgave Bullet for letting his cats die and even beyond death, Dusty still clung on to his cats and kept Mr. Meowgi's corpse with him, as seen in "Who Ate Wally's Waffles?".

Dusty is a virgin with no wife, girlfriend, or love interest. That being said, he is sexually oblivious and won't pick up on any sexual innuendos, unless it's a blatant form of harassment from Gina, for example. In "Paradise PD Meets Brickleberry", Dusty believed an insane lie his mom told him as a child, saying that if he lost his virginity before he got married, Jesus Christ would kill his grandmother.

Dusty is the most innocent member of the team. He doesn't cuss, do drugs, or even perform many violent acts on the criminals he arrests. This of course, makes him incompetent at his job. However, in "Christmas in Paradise", he completely changed this, once he found out that Santa was an evil drug dealer of Argyle Meth. When this happened, his idyllic, childlike viewpoint on the world was horribly shattered and Dusty became a full-on hardass, who viciously stabbed Santa Claus to death. This however was only brief and lasted up until he arrived in a women's prison which in spite of his initial dislike about being in, eventually he came to love due to misinterpreting the fellow inmates as "best friends" as a result of his stupidity. His aggressive side stays dormant up until "Who Ate Wally's Waffles?", where he was infuriated by the fact that a Disney TV show he liked was canceled and was hell-bent on a mission to have it rebooted going to drastic lengths such as holding people at gunpoint as well as beating and abusing a staff of writers to the point where they either commit suicide or at the very least attempt it. This aggressive side comes out for a final time in "Operation DD", and Dusty proves to be vindictive and spiteful for irrational reasons such as literally denying entry of the entire town to a bomb shelter when nukes were literally about to go off, and with the fate of everybody left ambiguous Dusty may potentially be responsible for the deaths of many people (even infants) due to being a petty and entitled bastard.

Moral Decay

Dusty Holds Frank and Jerry at Gunpoint.png

Dusty's personality takes a turn for the worst in Season 3 as he went through some real character derailment, now becoming more antagonistic, hostile, profane, and selfish. Throughout the season, Dusty commits numerous immoral acts and heinous crimes, quickly turning him into a villain, completely different than his past self. In "Top Cops", Dusty started breaking into Frank and Son's Doughnuts every day and threatening the owners to give him free donuts. Every day he didn't get his free donuts, he'd do something horrible like vandalize the shop, shit on the floor, and even threaten to kill them. In "Showdown at the O-bese Corral", Dusty became the leader of a fat people's cult, wherein his followers sacrificed themselves, killed others, gave him all of their money, and even offered their bodies to him for sex.

Dusty had also gotten into a habit of fucking over his own friends. In "Ice Ice Babies", Dusty blackmailed Fitz into taking him and his desk to the carnival, under the risk that if he didn't, he'd tell the mutants where he is so that they would kill him. In "Trigger Warnings", Dusty subjected Bullet to online humiliation and embarrassment just so that he could get more views on YouTube. In "How the Cookie Crumbles", Dusty annoyed Fitz to death just so that he'd take him to Goopy Goobers, even after he forced him to stop at 7 drive-thrus in one car ride. Instead of so much as thanking Fitz, Dusty just fucked him over by outing him in front of the mutants for no reason, which caused them all to go after him, wanting blood. Although Dusty sometimes gets his comeuppance for his bullying, such as Bullet tricking him into getting high and jumping out the window in "Fetal Attraction", Dusty occasionally receives no actual punishment for his wrongdoings and continues standing tall and strong by the end of the episode.



  • Gina Jabowski - Dusty considers Gina to be a friend and likes her, despite her constantly sexually harassing him, which irritates him greatly. Dusty has filed numerous sexual harassment complaints against her and has even gotten court-mandated restraining orders against her, forbidding her to perform any more sexual acts on him but Gina has ignored all of these and continued to abuse him, anyway. Gina's sexual abuse of Dusty has been taken to complete extremes such as in "Task Force", when Gina tried to buy Dusty's virginity from him on the dark web, "Dungeons & Dragnet", where she became the new head of HR just so that she could stop Dusty from filing complaints against her, and "Blimp City", where she used the internet to summon a bunch of drones to kidnap Dusty, take him to her house and entertain her sexually. To this day, Gina has still yet to have sex with Dusty or anybody for that matter because she's saving herself for him, denying the fact that this is but a pipe dream. "Paradise PD Meets Brickleberry", explores the scenario of what Gina would do if she had the chance to have sex with Dusty, where she had Connie strapped down in a bed made of tons of food. Despite her sexual obsession with him, Gina has had moments of genuine friendship with him, such as in "Parent Trap", when she helped him come to terms with his Native American identity after seeing his DNA test and also helped him discover that he was never really Native American after all the way any good friend would to another. She also tried her damnedest to break him out of prison after he got arrested in "Paradise Found", although this was mostly just because she was promised a kiss from him underneath the mistletoe. Gina's love for Dusty ended in "PARAD-ISIS", once she had her brain bullet removed and redirected her love toward Kevin. Despite this, she still remains good friends with him.
  • Bullet - Bullet is one of the only people at Paradise P.D. who actually respects Dusty, which he admitted to in "Karla", when he said that he admired Dusty's courage and ability to take on every day with a smile. Dusty and Bullet are good friends, who are usually paired together as a team when stopping crimes. In "Task Force", Bullet helped Dusty sell his Virginia T on the Dark Web to make money to pay rent at his apartment. In "Big Ball Energy", Dusty entrusted Bullet with taking care of his cats, while he was in prison but Bullet failed to do this and let all the cats die. Dusty said that he should have been mad at him for it but because it was "Kevin Sucks Day", he forgave him. In "Operation DD", Dusty said that Bullet was the only person in Paradise, who he had any respect for, as he was the only person in town, who never laughed at him for splitting his pants. However, Bullet immediately ruined this and broke Dusty's trust. Out of spite, Dusty locked Bullet out of the bomb shelter and left him to die. In "Trigger Warnings", Dusty proved to still be pretty salty at Bullet for killing all of his cats and forced him to repay him by dressing him up in an embarrassing bunny costume and having him make embarrassing YouTube Videos for him. Even after Bullet repaid him, Dusty ripped off Bullet's zipper and forced him to continue being Bunny Dog forever. In "What Happens in Twatemala", Dusty chided Bullet for gambling and then got into a violent fight with him. Bullet used Dusty as a good luck charm to gamble with him but Dusty figured out what he was doing and then shut him out of the deal altogether so that he could gamble all by himself.
  • Gerald Fitzgerald - Dusty is extremely mean and abusive to Fitz and usually bosses him around and forces him to do his bidding for him. In "Ice Ice Babies", Dusty blackmailed Fitz into carrying his desk to the carnival for him by threatening to call the Mutants on him to have him killed if he didn't. In "How the Cookie Crumbles", Dusty annoyed Fitz to absolute madness just so that he'd take him to Goopy Goobers, despite the fact that he had already forced Fitz to took him through 7 drive-thrus. Over the course of the episode, Dusty fucked Fitz over multiple times by almost exposing him to the mutants, forcing him into a Family Feud parody, and then completely exposing him to the mutants by mentioning him by name.
  • Randall Crawford - Dusty is one of Randall's most disappointing police officers, especially considering how he was a very competent NAVY SEAL, when he first hired him. Dusty is always doing very stupid things with Randall and pissing him off with his retardedness.


  • Mrs. Two-Toes - When Dusty was in the Paradise Women's Prison, he was cellmates with Mrs. Two-Toes, who spent every waking minute torturing Dusty and trying to kill him. Dusty didn't seem to mind one bit, believing that she was just playing with him and she even considered Mrs. Two-Toes to be a friend of his, as he did with every other abusive asshole in the prison.
  • Frank Flipperfist - Dusty and Frank are not on good terms together. Frank is the manager of Dusty's Apartment and in "Task Force", he had some real trouble with Dusty not paying rent for his apartment. Dusty tried to lie his way out of it, by saying a sailor monkey took his cash but Frank saw right through his charade. In "Top Cops", Dusty shook down Frank's donut shop for free donuts and did horrible things to try and get free food from him, such as vandalizing his place, shitting on the floor, and even holding him and his son at gunpoint. Frank was on the brink of compromising his principles and tucking his dick back to appease Dusty with free food until he got the idea to feed him a atomically unstable donut and warp his entire body to oblivion.


  • Mr. Meowgi - Mr. Meowgi is Dusty's favorite pet cat, who he loves so very much. Dusty showers his cat with gratuitous amounts of needlessly expensive gifts, many of which that he, as a cat, doesn't even need, including a self-balancing scooter, headgear braces, and an enrollment at a public kindergarten. He spends more money on his cat than he does on himself, which puts him in a lot of financial debt. In "Big Ball Energy", Mr. Meowgi died of feline AIDs but Dusty still kept his skeleton sitting around in his room, as seen in "Who Ate Wally's Waffles?", where he treats him as though he's still alive today.

Medical Conditions

Dusty suffers from tons of medical problems, most of which stem from his obesity.

  • Type 2 Diabetes - Dusty's most prominent medical issue is his type two diabetes, which is directly and wholly caused by his extreme fatness. In "Welcome to Paradise", it was shown that Dusty requires a pump just to produce enough insulin to keep him alive. In "Operation DD", Dusty mentioned that his current cholesterol level has 4 digits, which is far beyond LDL charts (which top off at 200). In "The Father, The Son, and The Post-It Note", Dusty's diabetes was directly brought up again, when he made his diabetes even worse by engorging on hundreds of ring pops, causing him to go blind and lose his arm.
  • Heart Attacks - In "Parent Trap", it was mentioned that last Thanksgiving, Dusty had a heart attack, fell off a float, and crushed a family of four to death.
  • Buried Penis - Dusty's excess fat covers his penis to the point where it's completely hidden. In "Police Academy", Dusty failed to have sex with Esmeralda because he couldn't find his penis. In "Christmas in Paradise", Dusty was incarcerated in a women's penitentiary, due to being mistaken for a woman by the police because they checked his genitals twice and couldn't find his penis.
  • Hyperhidrosis - In "Tucker Carlson is a Huge D**k", it was revealed that Dusty sweats when he thinks. This could be a symptom of hyperhidrosis, a disease that causes people to sweat uncontrollably, even when they're not performing any exercise.
  • Renal Failure - In "Operation DD", Dusty mentioned that he went into life-threatening kidney failure at one point in his life and required his grandmother to donate her kidney to him to keep him alive.
  • Amputation - In "The Father, The Son, and The Post-It Note", Dusty's diabetes got so bad that he suffered from immediate upper-body amputation, causing his arm to fall off.
  • Retinopathy - In "The Father, The Son, and The Post-It Note", Dusty experienced temporary blindness.
  • Hypertension - Dusty is suggested to have a dangerously high blood pressure, which becomes fatal if he gets too physically active. In "Big Ball Energy", Dusty's cardiologist warned him that if he moves at a speed that's any higher than a light stroll, his body will explode.
  • Hypercholesterolemia - In "Operation DD", Dusty thanked Dr. Funtlichter for helping him lower his cholesterol to a four-digit number. Although his exact cholesterol number was never mentioned, the fact that he had a 5-digit cholesterol level, to begin with, is ridiculously high. Even after lowering it to 4 digits is still an insanely high level, as a typical LDL chart will say that a cholesterol level of 190-200, alone is very high and list that as the highest possible option. Since Dusty bypasses this to the extent he does, he should be beyond dead.


  • Dusty has diabetes (most likely Type 2) as a consequence of his obesity.
  • According to Bullet, Dusty weighs 560 pounds.
  • Dusty's cholesterol, (while the exact number is unknown) has four digits.
  • In "Welcome to Paradise", it was revealed that Dusty had an insulin pump.
  • Dusty has everything on Wikipedia memorized.
  • Dusty's favorite show is The Golden Girls.
  • Gina can be largely blamed for how fat Dusty is since she keeps treating him to pizza buffets, as seen in "Meet the Jabowskis". This was further proven in "PARAD-ISIS", when a flashback showed that Dusty used to be buff and muscular before Gina started fattening him up with donuts.
  • Dusty has a buried penis, as he mentioned in "Christmas in Paradise".
  • In "Tucker Carlson is a Huge D**k", it was revealed that Dusty sweats when he thinks.
  • Dusty's Grandma donated a kidney to him, to save his life.
  • Dusty has been laughed at by every single person in Paradise for splitting his pants.
  • In "Trigger Warnings", it was revealed that Dusty is deathly allergic to shellfish.
  • He is the PD counterpart of Connie Cunaman from Brickleberry. The only difference is their genders. Dusty is a male, and Connie is a female. Furthermore, Connie is far more useful than Dusty and knows how to fight as she tanks Gina with ease. In "Paradise PD Meets Brickleberry", Dusty and Connie became friends.


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