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Gina Jabowski is a trigger-happy, quick-to-anger rapist with a fat fetish who works as an officer for Paradise Police Department and is easily regarded as the team's best worker by a landslide. She is also the only female member of the force and main cast. She is voiced by Sarah Chalke.



Gina as a Little Girl.png

In 1988, Gina was born into a family of criminals, who committed robberies together as a group. Sometime in 1998, when Gina was 10 years old, her family was on the run from the cops of Paradise Police Department, on speedboats. Randall fired a bullet at her father, but her father grabbed her and threw her in the way, getting her shot in the back of the head. Gina miraculously recovered, but had lost all memory of her family, or just about anything in her life before that situation and was in a coma for 11 years.

When Gina woke up from her coma in 2009, she had no memory of the incident or anything that happened to her before she went into a coma. The bullet lodged in her brain also gave her a thirst for violence and a strong sexual attraction to fat men, which deviated from her true personality and weren't the real her.

Joining the Force

As an adult, Gina moved to Paradise and became a police officer at Paradise Police Department. Because of her quickness to violence, brute strength, and complete lack of mercy for victims, Gina easily became one of the team's best members and Randall's favorite. Ironically enough, Gina's boss was Randall Crawford. Neither party had any idea who the other person was.

Gina and Dusty First Meet.png

One day, a muscular and honorable NAVY Seal named Dusty Marlow joined the force. Gina fell madly in love with him but wished he was a bit fatter. She forced him at gunpoint to eat some donuts, sending this formerly fit veteran down a well of gluttony and stupidity, which really turned her on. Sadly for Gina, Dusty rejected her but she didn't let that stop her from constantly sexually harassing him to the point, where he had to file multiple restraining orders against her, all of which, she ignored.

Reuniting With Family

Jabowskis Reunite With Gina.png

Gina wasn't reunited with her family, until "Meet the Jabowskis", where she enjoyed being part of the family again and made her father proud about who she turned out to be. However, when Gina found out that she had a family of criminals, who openly committed crimes and encouraged her to join them, she felt very conflicted about what to do, as a police officer.

Although for a while, Gina indulged in her life of crime, she drew the line when the family robbed The First National Bank of Paradise and got encountered by Paradise P.D. The truth came out that it was Randall who shot her and Gina turned on him. Randall finally connected Gina to the girl he shot and explained to her that her father used her as a shield, which finally triggered Gina's memory of the traumatic incident of when she was a child for the first time. After learning the truth, Gina turned on her father and shot him only for him to block her shots with other Jabowski family members and then escape with the stolen money. After that experience, Gina officially quit her life of crime and cut off all ties with her family and went back to her job as a Paradise police officer.

Relationship With Kevin

Kevin and Gina Become Boyfriend and Girlfriend.png

In "Fetal Attraction", Kevin went to Gina's family and asked for their blessing to go out with their daughter, which they initially denied, thinking he was too "alpha". The family was worried that his genes with dominate hers, when they had kids and their baby wouldn't have the "Jabowski genes" their family is so proud of. However, when they found out he was a complete pussy, they changed their minds and give him their blessing. Gina was so flattered by Kevin's proposal and accepted, becoming his girlfriend.

Gina Gets Surgery.png

In "What Happens in Twatemala", Gina struggled with her romantic life, as she had romantic feelings for Kevin but still had sexual feelings for Dusty. The only way to get rid of her fatness kink was to remove the bullet in her brain but Dr. Funtlichter warned her there was only a 2% chance of surviving if she underwent this surgery. Gina tried to have sex with Kevin but was so turned off by his skinniness that she barfed in his face and decided it was time to get the surgery, not caring about the cost. Dr. Funtlichter gave her the surgery but started to lose her. The next thing you know, a flat line showed up on screen.

Kevin and Gina Get Engaged.png

In "PARAD-ISIS", it was revealed the flat line was just from a medical drama he was watching on TV at the time and Gina had survived the surgery. When she awoke, the surgery worked too well and Gina was extremely horny for the skeleton model in the room. Dr. Funtlichter gave her head a whack and fixed up her sexual orientation, so that she was finally attracted to normal people, such as Kevin. The two of them decided to quit wasting time and get married.

With the bullet removed from her head, not only was Gina no longer attracted to Dusty, but she also didn't have the police brutality that made her such a good cop in the first place. She couldn't bring herself to shove a steel pipe up a serial killer's ass and so her quality as a cop completely diminished to inadequacy.

Kevin and Gina Get Married.png

Kevin and Gina's wedding was interrupted by an invasion from The International Society of Insulted Selebrities (or ISIS), who held everybody in the wedding chapel hostage and vowed to blow the place up and kill everybody for making fun of them on their show. Gina knew that the only way she would be able to defeat ISIS is if she had the bullet lodged in her brain again. Kevin was heartbroken that he'd have to revert Gina back to her old self again, especially when they just got her the way they wanted her but he knew it was the right thing to do. Kevin shot her in the head and this time, Gina was even more violently brutal than ever before. She brutally slaughtered every ISIS member in cold blood and saved everybody. When Kevin congratulated her, Gina, on impulse grabbed him by the neck and strangled him in a violent rage. When Gina realized what she was doing, the came to her senses and dropped him. She looked around, panting in guilt and then ran away, crying. Gina didn't return any of Kevin's texts, so her whereabouts and mental state are currently completely unknown.


Gina's tramp stamp.

Gina Jabowski is a Caucasian female with short blonde hair and thick black eyebrows. She wears a light blue police uniform, dark blue pants, black shoes, and a black gun belt with a gun in it. Her police uniform exposes the cleavage of her big, luscious, firm breasts that grow off of her thin, curvy, and very ladylike body. In "Meet the Jabowskis", it was revealed that Gina was born with an anus on the back of her head, called a "brainus". In "Task Force", Gina was shown to have a tramp stamp on her ass that read "Damp For Dusty 69" written in cursive, and with "69" being in a red heart with a crown on it and two sperm cells swimming toward it from both sides.


Gina Jabowski is a crazy, violent woman who gets a thrill out of beating the shit out of anyone or anything that causes even the slightest of felons. She is mentally unstable and if she weren't a cop, she'd probably be one of the most wanted criminals in Paradise. Her mental instability comes from the fact that she was shot in the head when she was a little girl, as revealed in "Meet the Jabowskis". The bullet got lodged in her brain and caused her to not only act like a psycho but also forget the first 21 years of her life, including her original family, who were a pack of criminals, whose last interaction with her was using her as a human shield to protect themselves from the cops (hence the bullet in her head).

Gina is also very perverted and always sexually harasses her co-worker, Dusty, despite him telling her "No" multiple times. She has a raging sexual fury for Dusty but unfortunately for her, she's never been able to violate him. Dusty is the only person who Gina cares for sexually. In "Paradise PD Meets Brickleberry", she mentioned that she was still a virgin and she was saving herself for him. Gina's sole-fixation for Dusty comes as a bit of a disappointment to the other men, as Gina is easily the hottest girl on the force and everyone low-key wants a piece of that ass. This was exemplified in "Dungeons & Dragnet", when Kevin and Randall both offered money to be sexually tortured by Gina, using a Princess Leah whip.

Gina's violence and fat fetish are not her true personality. They are just mental kinks caused by the bullet in her brain. Without the bullet, Gina's true personality comes to light, which was seen in "PARAD-ISIS". Gina is a soft, dainty, kind-hearted woman with no desire to hurt anybody, no matter how evil they are. She simply can't bring herself to harm even a serial killer, making her completely unqualified to be a cop. She also has no urge to go out with Dusty and would much rather go out with average-sized people like her boyfriend, Kevin.

In "PARAD-ISIS", Gina was forced to put another bullet in her skull so that she could be skilled enough to fight ISIS and save everyone she knew. Unlike the last bullet, this bullet made Gina ten times as bloodthirsty as ever before, wherein she would kill through several members of ISIS without even holding back. Unfortunately, this also meant hurting the ones she loved, such as Kevin. Despite being a completely unhinged wrathful brute, deep down, it was still clear that she had some humanity, as she stopped strangling her boyfriend and realized what she had done and then ran away, crying in shame.



  • Dusty Marlow - Gina is manicly in love with Dusty and constantly sexually harasses him all the time. Dusty has told her several times very clearly that he does not like it when she makes him feel uncomfortable and has even legally files restraining orders against her, as seen in "Welcome to Paradise" and "Christmas in Paradise" but she so flagrantly ignores this and continues to honk his big pectorals, yank his private area, and tickle his buttocks. As she mentioned in "Paradise PD Meets Brickleberry", Gina is saving herself for Dusty, even though it's never going to happen given that Dusty just doesn't like her that way and only sees her as a friend, which he really shouldn't, given that she's a rapist, gunning for his ass. Despite this, she keeps on pursueing him anyway. Gina has an unhealthy obsession for Dusty, even having life-sized bronze statue of him naked in her home. Despite not respecting his boundaries, Gina does respect Dusty enough to care for his well-being. In "Paradise Found", Gina fought tooth and nail to try and bust Dusty out of prison after he was wrongfully arrested and did not stop until her love was set free.
  • Kevin Crawford - Gina sees Kevin as unworthy of being a cop and doesn't respect him as a member of the team. She does, however, respect him as a friend. She began to respect him as a teammate more in Season 2. As of "Paradise Found", Kevin fell in love with Gina but she's oblivious to this and it's most likely she doesn't return his feelings, given her single-target sexual attraction to Dusty. In "Fetal Attraction", Kevin finally asked Gina out and Gina was so flustered that she accepted and became his girlfriend. In "What Happens in Twatemala", Gina struggled with separating her romantic feelings for Kevin and her sexual feelings for Dusty. Gina knew that the only way she could stop obsessing over Dusty would be to get surgery to remove her brain bullet. In "PARAD-ISIS", Gina's brain bullet was removed, making her less attracted to fat people and less violent too, which made her terrible at her job but she did so in the name of love. Gina proposed to Kevin and they planned to get married very soon. However, their wedding was ruined by ISIS and Gina had to make Kevin shoot her in the head again so that she could be qualified to defeat ISIS. This came at the cost of her being tame enough to marry Kevin. Gina ended up strangling Kevin 'til he went blue in the face. She realized she was hurting the one she loved and dropped him. Gina ran away, ashamed of the monster she had become and completely disappeared. Kevin tried to get in contact with her but he had no idea where she went off to.
  • Randall Crawford - Gina is very loyal to the chief and obeys all his orders down to a "T". Although, episodes such as "Ass on the Line" prove that Gina knows when not to follow orders and rebel against Randall if it's for a greater good. Gina's exceptional performance as a cop has led to her becoming admittedly the best cop on the force, as stated by Randall many times in "Meet the Jabowskis". In "Tucker Carlson is a Huge D**k", Gina lost a little respect for Randall, when she found out he was paying her less than the other co-workers on account of her being a woman but it's possible he earned that respect back when he cut everyone else's budget to match hers.
  • Gerald Fitzgerald - Gina is driven to madness by Fitz's piccolo playing annoying music and absolutely dreads working with him, given that he can't fight like a real cop or even use a gun. She doesn't take his PTSD seriously and truly believes that he's a floutist and shouldn't be a member of the force. In "Black & Blue", Gina changed her opinions on Fitz after seeing how drastically his mental disorder can affect him, when not given the proper treatment and started being nicer to him and his disabilities. Since then, the two have more or less been friendlier to each other.
  • Stanley Hopson - Throughout the entirety of Season 1, Gina and Stanley never had any direct on-screen interactions. Starting with the Season 2 premiere, "Paradise Found", Hopson and Gina talked for the first time, when Gina said she needed someone to infiltrate the prison to save Dusty and Hopson volunteered. In "Tucker Carlson is a Huge D**k", Gina considered Hopson a friend of her's but forgot his name and called him "Creepy Old Man Dude". In "The Father, The Son, and The Post-It Note", Gina arrested Hopson for crawling around the dog park naked and told him that she'd be putting him on the sex offender list. Hopson told her that he was already on it. In "Operation DD", Gina and Hopson sang a duet about sexual harassment as they both dressed as the opposite gender and played with each other's genitals. In "Blind Drunk", Hopson said "Good Morning" to Gina, while she was on her period and Gina got so mad at him that she bent him over and shoved his head up his ass.



  • Robby and Delbert - Gina hates Robby and Delbert for all the crimes they commit and she's always beating the shit out of them and arresting them for their various felonies and misdeeds. In "Meet the Jabowskis", it was proven that Gina's fearmongering worked very well on them as they both fear and avoid her like the plague.
  • Karen Crawford - Gina doesn't like Karen because of her misogynistic behavior toward her. In "Tucker Carlson is a Huge D**k", Karen denounced Gina's violent behavior as it wasn't "ladylike" and tried to educate her into being a more quiet, calm, and mild-mannered woman, even though it hindered her work ethic. Gina was so pissed off at Karen that she quit the force and later demanded an apology from her, which she didn't get.
  • Anton - Gina doesn't like Anton for how misogynistic he is. In "Tucker Carlson is a Huge D**k", he was in support of Karen, teaching Gina how to act more "feminine" and "ladylike", which basically meant that she had to be timid, quiet, and submissive. Basically the opposite of her true self. This also made her worse at her job as Anton was forcing her to be more kind and respectful to the criminals she was punishing. This angered Gina so much that she officially quit the work force. Due to her being out of a job, Anton told Gina that she was now the ideal woman.


  • Mr. Jabowski - Gina has a very rocky relationship with her father. Although she was initially delighted to see her father again in "Meet the Jabowskis" and was even willing to abandon her civic duty and become a criminal for him, she turned on him upon discovering he used her as a human shield, causing her to go into a coma, essentially ruining her life. Mr. Jabowski apologized vehemently and swore he'd never do something like that again but Gina was so mad she tried to shoot him only for him to use another one of his kids as a human shield and escape. Despite her disdain for her abusive father, Gina still apparently cares for his well-being. In "Fetal Attraction", she heard that he needed money for a kidney transplant or else he would die and again, turned to a life of crime to help her father, engaging in holding Kevin hostage and dismembering him for ransom money. This only led to her being fucked over again, as Mr. Jabowski turned out to just have been lying about his kidney failure to begin with and only wanted the money to make frivolous purchases. Gina fought back against her father and attacked the whole family. Even after all of the shitty and heinous things her family did to her, she still has some level of respect for them as she invited them to her wedding in "PARAD-ISIS".
  • Mrs. Jabowski - Gina loved her mother when she was reunited with her in "Meet the Jabowskis" and was also willing with disregarding her life of civility and heroism in favor of becoming a criminal just to be more like her mother. However, her love for her mom kind of faded when she found out that she and the rest of the family did nothing when her husband used her as a human shield, just saying that it didn't matter if her daughter was dead because "they can just make another", which they eventually did. Despite this, she still invited her to her wedding in "PARAD-ISIS".
  • Cooter Jabowski - Gina has little to no respect for her long-lost older brother, Cooter. In "Fetal Attraction", she used his crayons to trick him into ramming into a wall and knocking him unconscious. She later strangled him in battle and shot a bunch of crayons out of his nose. Despite her differences, she still cares for her brother, since she's part of her family.
  • Bo Jabowski - Gina is the sister of Bo and she cares for him very much. In "Meet the Jabowskis", Gina got into a flaming boxing match with Bo and when she punched him in the face, she must have knocked his brain back into place and made him talk normal only for her to punch him again and send him back to his normal gibberish-speaking self. This was all part of a play-fighting game in the Jabowskolympics. In "Fetal Attraction", Gina got into a more heated battle with Bo, where she geysered him with Cooter's crayons and impaled his eye with one.
  • Baby Jabowski - Gina is the older sister of the unnamed baby. There has been little to no on-screen interaction between either of them. However, it can be inferred that the reason the baby exists is because when Gina went missing as a child, her parents wanted to have another daughter to replace her.
  • Granny Jabowski - Despite Gina's differences with her grandmother being a criminal, deep down, she still loves her and cares for her well-being. In "Fetal Attraction", Gina was concerned about her grandmother potentially dying of pancreatic cancer and went down to her house to ensure she was safe.


  • Gina is considered the best cop on the police force, at least by Chief Randall, due to her fighting prowess and ability subdue criminals better than anyone else. This makes Randall tolerate her sexual harassment toward Dusty as well as her frequent police brutality.
  • She possesses superhuman strength and reflexes as she is able to dodge bullets and rip human limbs off easily.
  • As revealed in "Meet the Jabowskis", Gina doesn't have any memories before the age of 21, except for brief flashes of her screaming nightmares. This is because when she was a little girl, her father was on the run from Randall and he used her as a shield, getting a bullet lodged in her head and shortly afterwards, abandoning her. The side effects of this bullet are recognized as BBCD (Bitch Be Crazy Disease).
  • Gina has a "brainus", which is an anus on the back of her head, leading to her brain.
    • It's possible this "brainus" is the hole, caused by the bullet, that was shot into her head. Either that, or the tunnel that the bullet went through, giving it access to her brain.
  • Gina keeps a scrapbook, which serves as a record of every arrest she's ever made.
    • In "Meet the Jabowskis", it was revealed that she was interested in scrapbooking, ever since she was a young child.
  • Gina's father calls her "pickle" as a nickname.
  • Gina is the head of Human Resources, as seen in "Dungeons & Dragnet" and "Operation DD". She uses her powers as head of HR mostly so that Dusty won't be able to report her anymore.
  • Gina is a religious follower of a masturbation-themed branch of Christianity called "Southern Faptism".
  • Gina has Polish roots, as implied by her surname ending with "ski". Only Polish surnames end in "ski".
  • Gina is the only female member of the force.
  • She is the PD counterpart of Ethel Anderson from Brickleberry. Unlike Ethel, Gina is sadistic, sexually deviant and lack of moral despite fighting for the side of good but they have the same extreme passion for their jobs: Gina in brutalizing criminals and Ethel in protecting wildlife, nature and women's right. In "Paradise PD Meets Brickleberry", Connie Cunaman fell in love with her, which made for another similarity between her and Ethel: They are both love interests of Connie.


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