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Paradise PD is an adult animated raunch-com, created by the minds behind Brickleberry, Waco O'Guin and Roger Black. It is a Netflix original, that premiered on August 30th, 2018. The series focuses on a group of cops at a police department in the fictional town of Paradise, who are all terrible at their jobs and end up causing more crimes than the actual criminals of Paradise.

The show will return for a fourth season on December 16, 2022.


18-year-old Kevin Crawford becomes a cop at Paradise Police Department, much to the disapproval of his father, Chief Randall, who doesn't believe he's fit to be a cop, as he's still pretty steamed at Kevin for shooting him in the testicles, when he was a child. Still, Kevin still tries to prove his worth by solving cases and busting crimes, mainly in regards to the town's current epidemic, the widespread distribution of argyle meth, run by an anonymous kingpin. Other cops on the force include violent brute, Gina Jabowski, overweight manchild, Dusty Marlow, PTSD-stricken wicca, Gerald Fitzgerald, bisexual 175-year-old racist, Stanley Hopson, and drug-addicted drug dog, Bullet, who are all tasked with various jobs, that they're all equally useless at executing.


Main Cast

  • Kevin Crawford - The ambitious, but buffoonish 18-year-old officer-in-training at The Paradise Police Department, who wants to follow in his father's crime-stomping footsteps and become a cop. Unfortunately, Kevin's incompetence, fatuousness, and history of shooting his dad in the testicles, his dad strongly opposes his dreams. Despite this, Kevin has proven during the series that despite his many faults, he is actually the most dedicated and competent police officer on the team, surpassing even his father in quality, especially when it comes to investment in stopping the argyle meth corporation. Aside from police work, Kevin also got an "A" in metal shop in college, making him an expert metalsmith. Kevin is interested in reading comic books, watching My Hero Academia, playing Dungeons and Dragons, and attending Carbortion Wrex smash-up derby shows. Kevin's singularity is played with for the first two seasons of the show, with him being a lonely and uncharacteristic failure in the dating pool. In Season 2, Kevin falls in love with his co-worker, Gina and near the end of Season 3, becomes her boyfriend. In "What Happens in Twatemala", Kevin gets engaged to Gina and plans to marry her in the finale episode, "PARAD-ISIS" before their wedding gets foiled by ISIS. As mentioned before, Kevin plays Dungeons & Dragons with children half his age. Because of his age and accomplishments in life, Kevin's friends look up to him and see him as a wise and charismatic figure, who they all aspire to be like. Ironically, they seem to be blind to the fact that he's actually quite the reverse, when compared to people his own age. His D&D character is a troll named Merkin the Mage. In "Top Cops", Kevin is converted to Judaism and commits to his religion from then on, still being a devout Jew in subsequent episodes.
  • Randall Crawford - Kevin's obstreperous and ireful father and iron-handed chief of Paradise PD. His life has gone down the shitter, ever since he burst his balls, as it decreased his masculinity and, according to him, made him lose his wife, Karen. Karen's real reason for leaving him, was because he was a stubborn, misogynistic, piece of shit asshole, but being as stubborn as he is, he'd never admit to that. In Season 2, Randall realizes the error of his ways and gets back together with Karen and the two remarry in "Paradise Found". In the Season 2 finale, "Operation DD", Randall promises to become a nicer parent to Kevin but throughout the entirety of Season 3, fails to follow through on this, leading to him losing his son's respect in the finale, "PARAD-ISIS". In the same episode, Randall gets fired from his job after acting like a jackass and singing Pump Up the Jam, while Paradise gets destroyed.
  • Bullet - The drug-addicted drug dog, with an obsession for not only every drug in the book, (mainly cocaine) but also alcohol and sex. Bullet is laid-back, party-obsessed, and simply doesn't give a fuck about anything. Bullet slacks off at his job, he's atheistic, and despite being a dog, he's very horny for humans.
  • Gina Jabowski - The gristly, domineering sole female of the team, who loves busting criminals a bit too much, as she pounds the living shit out of every minor felon-causer she can get her burly, veiny fists on. Aside from her passionate zest for bloodshed, Gina also can't control her sexual urges and repeatedly harasses Dusty, because he taps into her fat fetish. Her violent tendencies and fat fetishism is caused by a bullet that got lodged into her brain when she was 5 years old, after she was used as a human shield by her father, while on the run from the cops at the very police department she'd end up working at as an adult. Her past is explored in "Meet the Jabowskis", when Gina reunited with her family and learns how she shamefully hails from a family of criminals who forsook her as a child. In "Fetal Attraction", Gina becomes Kevin's girlfriend and in "What Happens in Twatemala", Gina gets surgery to remove her brain bullet so that she can kick her fat fetish and finally be with Kevin. Unfortunately, the cerebral surgery also drastically diminished her love of violence and incapacitated her as a cop, as she then returned to her delicate, flowery, and sweet-hearted true self. She planned to marry Kevin in the Season 3 finale, "PARAD-ISIS" but unfortunately, her wedding was crashed by ISIS and Kevin was forced to put a bullet back into her brain to bring out the killing machine in her to defeat ISIS, which in turn, made her unfit for marrying Kevin. Gina ran off crying and never returned again.
  • Dusty Marlow - A fat, annoying retard, who acts like a five-year-old. At the cost of being the whiny, quivering pussy of a female toddler, Dusty brings an air of innocence and joy to the rugged, violent police force of Paradise PD. Despite the horrific experiences he goes through, from witnessing gruesome murder scenes, and getting groped by Gina, he still keeps a chipper and charming demeanor. At his apartment, he has a bunch of pet cats, including one Mr. Meowgi, who died in "Big Ball Energy". In Season 3, Dusty went through character derailment and started acting like a complete asshole to everybody, robbing donut stores, blackmailing his friend for internet fame, and exposing his friend in the witness protection program. In said season's finale, "PARAD-ISIS", it was learned that Dusty used to be a very healthy, brawny, and intelligent Navy SEAL when he started working at Paradise PD but Gina fattened him up with donuts leading him down the dark path he's in now.
  • Gerald Fitzgerald - The token black guy of the squad and second-newest member, behind Kevin. Gerald Fitzgerald or "Fitz", as he's mostly known, used to work at another police station in Chicago, where he went through an unexplored and devoid-of-detail traumatic experience, which gave him PTSD. On top of that, Gitz also has multiple personality disorder. Both mental disorders have given him problems in such episodes as "Black & Blue", where he made news headlines for shooting himself in the leg and eventually had his brain split up into two personalities that drove him crazy. To help quench these personalities so that they don't overpower him, Fitz indulges in Buddhist and Hindu methods of relaxation such as meditating and playing the piccolo. Some of his co-workers, Gina specifically, find his wiccan customs irritating and don't understand how his disorders are real. He is the best friend of Kevin and the duo help each other out in times of need. In the Season 1 finale, "Christmas in Paradise", we learn that Fitz was secretly an evil criminal, who was the kingpin of the argyle meth corporation. Unbeknownst to the rest of the cops, Fitz serves as the main antagonist of Season 2, leading an evil corporation called The Legion of Dooooom, along with his cockney lackey, Thester. In said season's finale, "Operation DD", we learn that Fitz's evil side is actually just one of his alternate personalities that Kevin helps him snap out of. This happens all too late, however, as by the time Kevin saves Fitz, Paradise gets nuked by one of his missiles. In Season 3 a now recovered Fitz not only deals with the ruins of his city but also the fact that he married a dolphin, while under the influence of his kingpin persona.
  • Stanley Hopson - A confused and senile old man, who should have retired years ago, but didn't because his job can't afford to give him his pension. He currently works as a good-for-nothing, expendable, old fart, who constantly blurts out stories of his homoerotic behavior in the past, mainly in regards to his now deceased ex-boyfriend, Mickey Rooney.

Major Characters

  • Karen Crawford - The accomplished mayor of Paradise and bitter ex-wife of Randall. Karen often rubs her success in Randall's face, in response to his misogynistic demotivation he gave her before and leading up to their divorce. Out of spite for her ex, and love for her son, (but mostly spite for her ex), she legally assigned Kevin the job of a police officer at Paradise P.D. because she knew that Kevin wanted to become a cop and Randall was opposed to it. Karen will occasionally intervene with Paradise P.D.'s work to tell Randall what he's doing wrong. Starting with Season 2, Karen and Randall made up and remarried. Midway through Season 3, Karen got pregnant and now has an upcoming second child on the way.
  • Robby - A dumbass redneck hillbilly, who rapes people and does all kinds of drugs from blow to smack. He is especially close with his best friend and "adopted" brother, Delbert, who he seems to have an ambiguously homosexual relationship with. Robby is sort of a frenemy to certain members of Paradise PD, as he constantly gets arrested and thrown in the station's holding cell, seems to know the cops there very well and will even have conversations with them and help them out in tough times. In the latter half of Season 1, Robby and Delbert eventually get involved with the Argyle Meth Corporation. In Season 3, Robby becomes the king of an island called Twatemala.
  • Delbert - A near braindead hillbilly, who accompanies Robby wherever he goes. Like Robby, Delbert is an illegal drug-dealing, alcohol drinking, redneck rapist, who commits many sexual acts with his step-brother and is actually good friends with the cops of Paradise PD, despite simultaneously getting arrested by them. In the Season 2 episode, "Who Ate Wally's Waffles?", it's learned that Delbert was once an artificially created humanoid Disney star named "Wally" with his own TV show called Wall-Eyed Wally before he was kidnapped by Robby's dad and brought into the family. Despite being established as an artificial man, past episodes have contradicted this, mentioning Delbert having a biological sister and also him detailing a story of when he was in his mother's womb.
  • Hobo Cop - A filthy, rambling homeless man, who lives under the highway and has sex with a shopping cart named Betty. He is employed as the unofficial eighth member of the team, useful for his expendability only.
  • Thester Carbomb IV - Fitz's comedic, suicidal evil henchman from Great Britain, who prioritizes being funny over being efficient at his job and threatens to kill himself, whenever he fails to follow orders. He is the founder of the Legion of Dooooom. In "Operation DD", we learned that Thester was actually Fitz's psychologist, who was trying to help put an end to his villainy by pretending to be his henchperson and get into his head so he could change his ways, which he ended up succeeding in at the end of Season 2. In Season 3, Thester went into a deep depression and started eating his feelings, making him look big and fat like Patton Oswalt.
  • Agent Clappers - A stern, no-nonsense FBI agent with unnaturally large testicles, who opposes Randall and sees himself as a much better enforcer of the law than him and everyone else at his police department. Turned out to actually work in cahoots with Fitz at the Legion of Dooooom in "The Father, The Son, and The Post-It Note". However, after being mutated in Fitz's nuclear explosion, Agent Clappers swore revenge on Fitz and spent the latter half of Season 3 plotting revenge on him, along with the other mutants of Paradise.
  • Dolphin Queen - A dolphin from the Paradise Zoo, who many zoophile hillbillies had sex with, impregnating her with an entire species of flipper people. She is the queen of Flipperville and the current wife of Gerald Fitzgerald.
  • Junior Fitzgerald - The flipper dog son of The Dolphin Queen and Bullet. Fitz is aware that he's technically not the biological father of Junior but he still loves him as a son anyway.
  • Clovis - A hideous mutant abomination, caused by the nuking of Paradise. He swears revenge on Gerald Fitzgerald for putting him in the state he's in.

Supporting Characters

  • Dr. Funtlichter - Paradise P.D.'s personal medical doctor, working at Paradise Hospital, necessary whenever a cop is injured, mutilated, diseased, comatose, etc. He has a dark and troubled past, where after his husband left him, he attempted suicide but has since recovered. In "Parent Trap", we learn that despite his light skin tone, he is actually a Nigerian bush person, who only bleached his skin so that he could get accepted into Trump university.
  • Preacher Paul - The bigoted Christian priest of Paradise Pentecostal Church, who forces his religious beliefs down everyone else's throats. He is a strictly homophobic man, who bashes his son for being gay, despite the fact that he, himself, is not only gay, but also married to a man.
  • Chief Hancock - The chief of police in Diamond City and far more illustrious and successful arch-rival of Chief Crawford. Hancock pulls constant bullshit pranks on Crawford, most of which get ridiculously out of control, such as him marrying Randall's mother just to, as he put it, "fuck with him". The majority of Hancock's pranks actually cause more damage to himself than Randall, if at all, such as permanently mutilating his internal organs just to trick Randall into shoving his hand up his ass multiple times and also sawing his ass off and sneaking it into Randall's food and then revealing the joke to him before he even eats it. Despite the self-destructive nature of Dean's pranks, Randall still takes offense to them, even if they're completely harmless to him.
  • Anton - Karen's openy gay mayoral pollster from Germany, who appears to also be a Neo-Nazi. He used to be the pollster for Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election but was fired, when his client lost.
  • Patty Mae - Karen's sassy, deadpan secretary/receptionist of City Hall, who uses the word "Hon" a lot. In Season 3, she had been mutated in a nuclear explosion, turning her into a hideous green, three-armed mutant transgender male named Clovis.
  • Miss Geraldine - A sweet old mentally discombobulated old lady, who ends up getting victimized by the crimes and police brutality of Paradise. Miss Geraldine is a very devout Catholic, who reads the bible donates money to the church. Despite her saintly behavior, she is still a bit of a racist, when it comes to African-American people.
  • Frank Flipperfist - A flipper person with dolphin flippers for hands that get in the way of everything. He is involved in many different crime rings and illegal underground businesses, such as dog fighting arenas and The Legion of Dooooom. In Season 3, Frank went straight and opened a donut store to do good instead.
  • Jerry Flipperfist - The dolphin-like son of Frank Flipperfist.
  • Mavis Hancock - The sweet-hearted and loving mother of Randall, who is currently a gross old lady, who's married to Chief Hancock.
  • Terry Two-Toes - The inventor of Argyle Meth, known for only having two toes. Shortly after his initial arrest, he gets killed in the police station holding cell by an anonymous member of Paradise P.D.
  • Mrs. Two-Toes - Terry's mother, who vows revenge on Paradise P.D. for arresting and killing her son.
  • Quohand Dragonsbane - One of Kevin's nerdy friends why plays Dungeons & Dragons with him. He is a lactose intolerant, bisexual, autistic little boy, who really looks up to and admires Kevin.
  • Eric - One of Kevin's D&D friends, who plays a character named "Seakul Swordhand". He is a Jewish boy who hates his mom for some reason. He sees Kevin as a "ladies man".
  • Dungeon Master - The dungeon master of Kevin's D&D clan. He is a sick fuck, who is sexually attracted to his sister.
  • Dobby - A disgusting, mutated homunculus kid, born of Robby and Delbert mixing their jizz together in a scientific test tube. He is only capable of saying his own name.
  • William - A mutant alligator with wings, who serves as the king of Twatemala and the pet of Robby and Delbert.
  • Agatha Culpepper - The mother of Karen, who hates Randall and thinks her daughter can do better. She is also in love with Hopson and got a massive tit job just for him.

Running Gags

  • Yucko the Clown - An alcoholic, misogynistic, pedophile clown, who rapes kids and drunkenly hits on slutty women. He is an inter-series character who has been featured in all of Black and O'Guin's other works, such as Brickleberry and The Damn Show!.
  • Camaro Bob - A suave and laid-back Matthew McConaughey-like dude, who drives a Chevrolet Camaro.
  • Joe Biden - The twisted, perverted president of the United States with a wide variety of obscure, deviated sexual interests, such as bestiality, genital mutilation, and most of all, sexually harassing Dusty. His catchphrase is "Awwwww, fuck yeah."
  • Ron Perlman - A neo-neanderthal on the other side of the fourth wall, who watches Paradise PD and gets offended every time the show makes a joke at his expense.


Paradise PD currently consists of 30 episodes, spanning 3 seasons.

See: List of Episodes.


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